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The Woodlands Chamber Music Project - First recital was a huge success!

    Hopefully by now you’ve heard; The Woodlands Chamber Music Project is off the ground! We had a super successful first outing on 19 May 2018. Around 30 people stopped by to sing, play, and listen to the musical offerings. We packed out Kidville wall to wall and and a wonderful time.

    I encourage you to join us on the third Saturday of each month as we explore different genres, eras, instruments, and ideas in this versatile and satisfying series. We welcome feedback and suggestions, and are always welcoming new contributors. If you’re a composer, a performer, artist, dancer, or simply a patron, we think you’ll love spending time with us for our intimate, accessible, and inexpensive programs.

    Please join us on Facebook at ( or the Fan Page at ( Also be on the lookout for a brand new Instagram account that you can follow to keep up with what we’ve done and what we’re doing (!

We wouldn’t have been able to open our doors without help from the following people: Savannah Thomas, Robert Lewis, Brandon McDougal, Amanda Passamante, David Pham, Ben Miller, Daniel Burkeen, Nathan Mays, Daniel Porter, Deborah and Ralph Reavis, Geneva and Brian Minnear, and Rebecca Paddie. Each of these folks have contributed time, effort, and sometimes money to help get this project going.

    Don’t forget to save the date and your $2 for the following upcoming recitals!

16 June

21 July

18 August

15 September

20 October

Dates after these may change, but keep an eye on the Facebook page for details