Updates 13 Feb 2017

It's been a busy few weeks! Several show weekends away from home, meeting lots of new folks, completing projects, and some great news!

Michael Player and the Playboys have been tearing up the Texas roads, playing in Midland, Lindale, Kerrville, Ft. Worth, Tyler, Jefferson, and many more coming up!

Carthy will be visiting Old Town Spring next weekend, and several new trio gigs are in the works as well. Look for us to be joining the Houston rock scene in full force this Spring!

My string quartet, January, is complete and scores have been sent out! I will be looking for a string quartet for readings/a possible recording, so shoot me an email if you're interested! john@johnpaddiemusic.net

Lastly and probably most exciting, I received news from my top two graduate school choices. The University Of North Texas invited me for an interview (that actually just finished up ten minutes ago) and Sam Houston State has invited me back, officially accepting me in the master's program for composition! These are huge steps for me, and I have some tough decisions ahead of me, but I've never been more excited about my current lot. Anyone who knows me knows that this is a huge deal, and something that I've wanted earnestly for some time.

I'll be posting more news as I get it!

Thanks for keeping in touch, and be good!