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Music Education in Chesterfield County - Summer 2018

    This summer, while in Chesterfield County, I had the privilege to spend time and work with some extremely dedicated and talented music educators. Virginia has always been an intriguing place to me. Most musicians that I've met that have come from Virginia all the way to Texas have been world-class people, performers, and teachers. It was extremely refreshing to learn that several folks over there share many of my philosophies and appreciate the validation that comes from someone that lives halfway across the country and has a completely different education and pedagogical journey.

    The idea that a student-centric approach to marching band design, planning, and implementation is reassuring; it's not secret that I've been a little bit disenchanted about how band program are put together and run, but being over here makes me feel so much better. The students are set up to get everything they need to succeed, and because of that, I've noticed a huge change in just the short time I was there. A month isn't quite long enough to completely change a culture, but empowering the students to create their own environment in which to grow is almost always my goal. The students I taught at Clover Hill and L.C. Bird high school are really taking charge to make band a more fun and fulfilling experience for themselves and their peers joining them over the next couple of years. This was a special month!

    Many thanks to Marcus Grant, Buddy Deshler, Brianna Gatch, Mason Gatch, Vincent Guzman, and Charles Brown for working with me this month and showing the students that they are worth our time.


    I look forward to working in Chesterfield County next year!


Check out the progress these young folks have made!

Zero Detail - Summer/Fall 2018

We in Zero Detail have been quite busy over the last few months. We played several huge venues like White Oak and Warehouse Live, and now we’re taking a break to record. The summer brings some traveling opportunities for me, so while we are taking a break from live shows, we’re using this time to write and record new music for everyone! We’ve got several irons in the fire, including two track by yours truly. You’ll have new Zero Detail in your ears by the end of the summer, and a few more tracks before the year is up. We are also actively booking for the fall, so if you #needZD in your life, contact any one of us, or Andrew at

New endorsement - Liberty Drums

It is with great pleasure that I announce my newest business affiliation! Liberty Drums, over in the UK have offered to have me in their artist family! I’ll be helping the. Expand here in the States. My friend Andrew with liberty made me a custom four-piece kit. It’s infinitely small, but sounds absolutely wonderful!

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