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Zero Detail - Progress and 10 March show at Warehouse Live!

Good morning music friends! 

I wanted to take a moment to shout out my band, Zero Detail ( These guys work super hard and I’m so excited to be working with them. Every rehearsal is a wonderful creative outlet, and shows are really just a hang with music instead of a huge chore. We’re building a following in the Houston area, and we’re hoping to expand soon. We’ve been working at Sugar Hill Studios in Houston ( and couldn’t be more excited to bring you all some new music!

We’re sharing the bill with some super talented folks at Warehouse (Rogues Among Us, Metanoia, and Clay Melton) on 10 March. If you are interested in attending, let one of us know for tickets ($10), or check out the website for Warehouse ( or the TicketFly app or website (

Cypress Springs Varsity Winter Guard

I’d like to take this time to recognise the efforts of those in charge of a new client of mine, the Cypress Springs Varsity Winter Guard. They’re competing this season in the Texas Color Guard Circuit. I was fortunate enough to catch a rehearsal of their program “Rule The World”. I worked with director and choreographer Grace Zientek and drill-writer Lee Turner. We combined Lorde’s cover of “Everbody Wants to Rule The World” by Tears for Fears and some original composition of mine specifically for this soundtrack. I’m super excited to be working with these talented and dedicated folks! You can follow their progress on

January Recital Recap

A huge thanks to everyone that helped out and contributed their skill and time to the recital last month at the Rec Room! For all the work everyone put in, I feel like it went swimmingly! 

I’ll be posting an album with photos from the event in the next week or so, but I’d like to include a few of my favourites! 


Thanks to Space City Performing Arts ( and the Rec Room ( for facilitating this wonderful event! A huge thanks goes out to Brandon MacDougal, Eileen Vaughn, and Esteban Puentes for their help on the operations side of things, as well as Greg and Tash with Rec Room for their help on the logistics side of things. It cannot be said enough that an event like this could not happen without lots of help.



Photo credit: Stevie Rowe

SHSU Students and faculty... want to be on a podcast?

Hello music people! I'm finally settled in to my new job as well as my graduate school responsibilities. I'd like to end my podcast hiatus and start posting again in November. If you're interested in sitting down and having a chat, I'm on campus on Monday and Wednesday and in The Woodlands the rest of the time. If you have any questions about what I do, check out the first few episodes on iTunes or stitcher!